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"2015 Racing News "

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No problem spotting the Hoffman "Mean Green Team" hauler on the road or in the pits this year. The new paint scheme is looking sharp!                                              Larry Wood Photo

2015 News and Racing Results

We ran the weekly show at our home track of Lawrenceburg ,Saturday 11 April with the following objectives:
- Test out a new XXX car to make sure everything is sound if we run the car in a USAC race
- Try to improve on our inconsistent performances at our home track
- And it would be nice to win the race

All objectives were met. The new car was solid , as are all XXX cars we have had. We were quick time in hot laps . The pill draw had us starting inside row 2 for the second heat. Brady quickly grabbed the lead and never looked back. The Burg then has a redraw of the top 2 finishers in each heat. They have young race fans draw for each Team and a young man drew number 1 for us. Brady grabbed the lead from the pole position and led every lap in a race that went green to checkered. I believe that he lapped up to the 8th position. Brady caught the end of the pack by lap 8 and did a masterful job weaving through traffic. It was a popular win at our home track made even more so when Brady called the young man who drew the pill from the stands and gave him the trophy.

Back to USAC National competition this weekend at Bloomington and Haubstadt.
Tim Waechter
 VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
 10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions
We have been inconsistent at our home track the last several years, some good nights, some not so much.  Unfortunately ,Saturday fell in the latter category.  

The night started out great as The Mean Green Hoffman car was quick time in hot laps with a time under the 14 second mark. The track dried up a bit more than we thought before we went out to qualify and the result was that we slowed up by almost a half second and qualified a disappointing 14th.  That put us in a hole which we really didnít climb out of the rest of the night.  

We transferred to the A main with a 3rd place finish in heat #2, a tough heat.  We started 11th in the A Main.  We moved up to 8th in a long green flag run that ended with a yellow with 9 to go.  Brady tried high , low, middle on the track.  We caught cars 3-6 at the restart, but passing was difficult and due to a disqualification, finished 7th.  

We will probably take a new style XXX to the weekly show a The Burg this Saturday to test it out and try to find more consistency at out home track.  The next USAC race is in two weeks with a double header at Bloomington and Haubstadt.
Tim Waechter
 VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
 10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Brady Bacon, Crew & "The Mean Green 69 Machine" at Bubba's Ocala Speedway 2/21/2015, Ocala Fl.  It was a real nail-biter! Brady got the lead right from the Green Flag and held it for 30 laps. About the 20th lap Brady's lead was starting to erode. Chase Stockon's car was clearly getting faster and Brady had his hands full for the final 10 laps. The race came down to the last turn of the last lap when Chase Stockon made a attempt to pass. Brady held his line and came out the Winner.  It was quite a race, and I am glad I was there to see it. Did I mention that Brady opened the 2015 Season on Friday night with a 3rd place finish? One more night to go at Ocala then on to East Bay next weekend. This was a Historic 87th National Win! (more later)
It could be called the trip from hell if you were looking at all that went wrong. But the Hoffman Team showed its grit and championship determination in Florida. Frankly I can not remember everything that happened, but here are the primary happenings:

- After only 9 laps or so the primary, newly refreshed motor blew in practice night at Ocala
- The second motor blew night 3 in Ocala when we had a top 5 or better locked.
- The 4 wheeler locked up and could not be used the 2 nights in East Bay, a lot of pushing   by hand. Thanks to USAC and fellow racers for use of their 4 wheelers. Did I mention that we pitted out of the infield , requiring a lot of help to move everything.
- The crew , expecting to have a day or 2 to relax, worked 9am-9pm or later daily. We changed the entire fuel system on the primary car to assure no fueling problems were causing motor problems.
- Trips back and forth from Tampa to Ocala to pick up a spare car .
- Had to replace the front right tire on the truck, due to foreign object in-bedded.( Picture)
- Got totally soaked cleaning the car in the rain before heading home .
- All time win #87 came in night 2 at Ocala.
- 2 quick times at Ocala
- Top 3 finishes in every race where we finished or were not taken out by a fellow competitor.

Night 2 at East Bay while running 2nd, with a chance at another win, the 3rd place car decided to take us out by ramming into our rear bumper and spinning us out. Of course he kept going. Apologies rang very hollow.
- A very fast car every night .

It was great to see our friends Stush and Toni in East Bay. We owe a big thank you to Captain Jack Nowling for his hospitality and kindness in sharing his home with the racers.

Looking forward to racing at our home track, Lawrenceburg on April 4th. Taking a deep breath and back to work for now.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions


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