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August "Gus" Hoffman (Old Timer)
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"2014 Racing News "

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86 USAC National Wins - 10 Time USAC National Champions
An impressive group of family, friends and Team members assembled at Knoxville Iowa on June 1st to witness the induction of Richard Hoffman into the prestigious National Sprint Car HOF in Knoxville Iowa. Those of us who have the honor of counting Richard as a family member or friend know that no one deserves this honor more than him.  He has dedicated the majority of his life participating, competing at the highest  levels and promoting the sport he loves with a passion.  It was an honor for us to witness this great moment in his and the Hoffman Family's storied history.  A video will follow in the upcoming days. Now back to winning races and championships. ((More on About Hoffman Racing Page)

View Tribute to the Hoffman Racing Team by 4 Time USAC Sprint Champion Steve Butler



News and Racing Results

Founder August "Gus" Hoffman TO BE inducted into the usac hall of fame. Also making the hall of fame class of 2014 are former hoffman drivers, Roger Ward, don branson and eddie sachs. pretty good company!
The August edition of Sprint Car & Midget magazine is in part a tribute to Hoffman Racing. Our friends at DMI ran an ad on the inside of the front cover featuring a great picture of the car and information on the Team. Then in the racer on racer section, the first of a 2 part series on Richard and Hoffman Racing appears . This is great reading for fans of the history of the sport and those who appreciate the "inside story". Who is that young man in the picture with Jim Hines?


Okay not the world, but we will take champions of The USAC National Sprint Car Series. That song by Queen is still in our heads today. For the 10th time in the storied history of Hoffman Racing, we are The National Champions. It is hard to explain the joy, relief, pride, celebration , teamwork, and happiness for the Bacon's that was expressed in Victory Circle at Canyon Speedway Saturday night.( Also make sure you cover you eyes when champagne is sprayed, it is a very good sting, LOL.) The long, exhausting season which started in February came to a close. Unless you are involved ,I don't think you can appreciate how hard it is to win a USAC Championship, how much work , blood , perspiration and tears are involved. I have so much pride being a part of this great team. We truly are a family. The Bacon's joined our family a few years back , what a great pleasure it is for us to have Brady join the list of the great's that have driven for the Team.

A big thank you to all our fans and fellow competitors for their congratulations. A special congrats came from NASCAR Champion and ex-Hoffman driver Tony Stewart . He took the time to call from Florida and talk with Richard and Rob. The Team he owns finished 2nd in the championship. This shows what a class act Tony is ,the respect he has for the Hoffman's and our team and makes the championship even more special.

We went into the last race with a somewhat comfortable lead in points, but in racing it is never over until it is over. After a poor first night at Canyon , we still gained a few points. An early pill draw hurt us , we finished 5th in our heat and 5th in the B Main to transfer. The track was very tricky and we could have used more stagger. But Brady avoided a totally bad night by running a hear fought 7th in the A Main. Our two main competitors for the championship had even tougher nights.

Saturday night's season finally saw a much different track and great racing. Brady broke the track record going out mid-pack. It didn't last long, as it was broken a few more times later in qualifying. Brady started 6th in the 4th heat after qualifying 4th . We transferred in the 4th heat , finishing 3rd. At that point we had clinched the Championship by just starting the A main. The A Main was a tremendous battle between the top 3 points teams. Brady started 4th and quickly moved to 2nd behind our nearest competitor Bryan Clauson and Tony Stewart racing. Brady showed Bryan his nose several times as the battle continued.Lap traffic became an issue several times and on lap 25 Brady tried a pass low on Bryan and Dave Darland got around us on the high side. The fans that packed Canyon Speedway saw a great show.

Now a time to breathe a little before preparing 2 cars for the PRI show next month. February will be here before you know it and we pursue # 11.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing

The good news is that we slightly improved our points lead this past weekend.  The preliminary, night we were fast all night.  The car looked great in hot laps, and even though we went out late in qualifying, Brady was able to cut a lap of 16.4, good enough for 4th quick.  The field of 55 cars made the night very challenging with additional traffic.  Another  factor is the tough competition from the USAC/CRA West coast cars that run PAR numerous times during the year.  Brady was able to clear traffic in heat 4 and finish 2nd behind Jon.  Starting 4th in the A Main, Brady did a masterful job and reading the track and maneuvering through traffic to finish 2nd to Robert. The motor went sour early in the race and we were fortunate to finish. A motor change was in order for the morning.The combination of points for the night made Brady the top point getter and locked us into the A Main Saturday night.                                                                       
All we had to do was wheel pack, hot lap, run a dash and the A Main.  It made for a long night waiting for a the prelims to complete.  They inverted the top 6 for the dash (what a reward for being the top points team).  In 6 laps we were unable to move forward and started 6th in the feature. The track slicked off early in the night making for a very tricky track.  We hung in there in the top 5 most of the race, but faded to 8th late.  The stagger that came in perfectly the night before, with the same size tires, didn't, making the car a handful late in the race.
The season ends this weekend in Phoenix.  We are totally focused to finish out what we started in February.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing


Brady made it two wins in a row after his second USAC National Sprint Car victory in 4 days. Both victories were on big, fast 1/2 mile tracks. Both were a first for Brady, first victory at Terre Haute and Eldora. These were his 7th and 8th USAC Sprint Car victories for our team and the 86th in the storied history of Hoffman Racing.

The 4 crowns are a crowned jewel of the USAC schedule, with Midgets, Sprints and Silver Crown cars all competing the same night, but in this case night and day. Saturday night qualifying for all 3 divisions and the heat races for the midgets and sprint cars got in before the rain hit. We were 4th quick in hot laps and Brady turned a great lap of 15.606 good for 3rd quick in qualifying. Starting 6th in the 3rd heat Brady worked his way up to second when the checkered flag flew. Officials of Eldora and USAC did everything they could to get the show in Saturday night but persistent heavy rains caused a postponement until Sunday at noon. The call was made at 1:30 a.m Sunday morning. The Hoffman crew headed home and got to bed at 4:00 a.m. , only to meet at the shop at 9:00 to go back to The Big E.

A combination of sun and a strong wind made for a very slick and treacherous track. There wasn't much cushion when the sprint car A Main took the green. Brady started 4th and made a great move in turn 2 to take second place immediately. Once again it was Brady and Robert Ballou battling for the win. Four red flags and a long yellow flag slowed the action, causing the A Main to last close to an hour. The track started "taking rubber" midway through the race. Bryan Clauson got by Brady on lap 12, using the rubber to his advantage. Brady got him back with a great restart following a red flag on lap 20. Ballou missed his line a bit in turn 2 and Brady took advantage of it and passed for the lead. Robert and Bryan got together causing Ballou to turn over. We didn't need another restart but Brady was not to be denied, winning pulling away. A great win for the Team, I have never seen the crew more excited.

Now for the last midwest race of the year this Saturday at our home track of Lawrenceburg. See you there.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing

Terre Haute , The Action Track, has always been one of our favorite tracks. The big bad 1/2 mile is in our wheel house. We were in the top 5 in hot laps, but we were not happy with the car. Every time you race at a track, you are facing a different surface. So our 5th quick time in qualifying at 20.360 was a good effort, but we and Brady hold the track record at Terre Haute, under 20 seconds.

Rob and crew kept adjusting on the car and it was better in heat race #2. It was a tough heat with Darland, Clauson and Hines. Brady started 5th and quickly moved to second where he finished.

The 30 lap feature was a dandy. Brady started inside row #2 and made a bold move into turn 1, coming out in 2nd place on lap 1. The green to checkered race quickly became a 2 car battle. The Mean Green , Lykins Energy Solutions ,Hoosier Tire Williams Mopar and the car of Robert Ballou checked out on the field. Rob took a big swing at the car for the A main and it quickly became apparent we were hitting a home run. Brady closed on Robert numerous times , showing him a wheel but unable to make the pass. Brady took the white flag and passed Ballou on the long front stretch , went high on the track, and pulled away on the back stretch. Brady had done a masterful job during the race, running high and low in the turns to find the fastest away around. It paid off with a big win. We were able to retain the national points lead and build a slight cushion. Needless to say we were an ecstatic crew, including the Bacon Bit. Looking great Xia Xia!!!

Off Saturday night to another favorite tracks of ours, The Big E, Eldora Speedway.
The Hustler is a co-santioned event with MSCS and USAC. The weather was perfect and the crowd huge. The format was the MSCS one, with no qualifying. There was only one preliminary race for each car, assuming you were in the top 16 in points after the preliminary race. There was a B Main for those not in the top 16. The feature was started by the top points getter on the pole etc. Because this was a non-USAC format, only the A Main awarded National USAC points.

This is not a format we are used to and one we prefer not to run because of all the variables in the pill draw and alignment of the heat races. Non the less we lined up in the 5th starting spot for preliminary race 1. Brady had a good start and a heck of a battle with Brady Short for 2nd place. Finishing 3rd put us in the A Main and 8th in points and started 8th in the A Main. It was a frustrating race for us as we seemed as fast as everyone, but not able to make any progress towards the front in the 40 lap event. The 8th place finish did put us back in the USAC National points by a mere 3 points over DD and a charging BC who is 32 points behind.

On to two of our favorite tracks this week, The Action Track and The Big E. We are excited !!!!
The planned 3 day smack-down ended up being a 4 day event, causing the Hoffman Team to stay on the road another night and some crew members running out of clean clothes (they will go unnamed ).  I think I have this straight.  Thursday night's event got hot laps in, qualifying in and 2 heat races before torrential  rains hit.  That program was scheduled to be completed on Saturday afternoon before the Smack-down finals Saturday night.  The Friday night program went off as scheduled.  Thursday night's race was completed Saturday afternoon, but once again an unbelievable amount of rain fell again causing the final to be scheduled Sunday afternoon. Confused ? I am!!!

We were fast in hot laps Thursday, but a guess on stagger for qualifying was a little off and we qualified a disappointing 11th.  The car looked much better in the heat race , Brady bringing it home 2nd on Saturday.  The day race made for tricky conditions with the sun drying the track out and making it rough.  A 7th place finish in the A main was not what we had hoped for. 

The Friday show saw Brady turn a sizzling qualifying lap of 12.843, not good enough to beat DD but good for 2nd fast.We also ran a good 2nd in the heat race. Starting 6th in the A main, we were only able to pick up one spot for a 5th place finish.
To show how tough the racing was, our total points for the 2 prelims had us 3rd in smack-down points.  That allowed us to skip the prelims Sunday and participate in King Of The Hill.  Always a fan favorite and great fun to watch, bur crews hold their breaths. Brady was matched with Chris Windom in round one , getting a great start and winning.  Round 2 saw a wheel banging 3 laps with Jon Stanbrough, Brady didn't give an inch and won by a narrow margin. Round 3 was the matchup with DD, king of Kokomo.  Brady made a statement with a win and winning The King of the Hill 2014. Starting on the pole for the 40 lap A Main, Brady led laps 1-5 before DD passed us for the lead.  Brady ran 2nd for the majority of the race and at mid-point was closing in on DD.  Yellows didn't help our cause as a RR going down slowed the Mean Green machine.  Robert got by us and a yellow with 3 laps to go was a killer.  The 8 or so laps under this yellow saw the RR go down even further, coming in at 1/3 the out going pressure.  Bryan got by us as the green flew and we hung on to a 4th place finish.  

We left Kokomo 2nd in the USAC national points standings, with a 5 point deficit. A big shout out to the O'Connor family for a great job preparing the track and the pits under very difficult conditions.  

We had a great time showing the Mean Green machine at a Kokomo Kroger store before the race Thursday.  Thanks to all the fans who came out.  On to one of our favorite tracks, Terre Haute.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing

The 2014 ISW will go down as the hardest the Hoffman Team has worked  with results that did not reflect the effort. Below you will find the details of a tough final 4 races.  
One of our favorite race tracks, we are always fast here with great results.  This time was no exception , after a hurdle was presented to the Team. Brady felt a vibration in hot laps , with qualifying quickly approaching there was no time for deep analysis.  Brady qualified 3rd with a vibration that got dramatically worse.  The thrash that ensued  involved a u joint , drive line, and rear end change.  The issue was corrected for the heat race as Brady came from 6th to 3rd in the green to checkered 3rd heat.  Brady fought hard  in the A main and worked his way to 3rd when his forward momentum  stalled. It appears that the left rear was going down since it was completely  flat when he pulled on the front stretch with a 3rd place finish. we found a huge hole in the tire.

Lincoln Park

Putnamville is not one of our favorite tracks as we seem to struggle there. We set our 8th quick time out of 21 races and  then struggled with a 6th place finish in the heat.  We started on the pole for the B main and won by a comfortable margin  over Jon Stanbrough.  The last laps of the B main it was obvious that we were on 7 cylinders.  What followed was a remarkable motor change that was finished in about 15 minutes.  Having gone to USAC for some consideration of the motor change and a little more time before the A Main, we were denied .  We were 3 minutes late to the time cone, putting us back 2 rows.  A 9th place finish was not reflective of the effort from the Team.  We want to thank everyone who helped in the motor change, the USAC Teams are fierce competitors, but always willing to help each other.  
A bad pill draw resulted in a 13th quick qualifying time.  Brady won the 1st heat and the car looked good.  When Brady came in it was apparent that we had a water leak.  The water pump needed to be changed.  Another great job by the Team with the invaluable help from engine builder Roger Williams. Roger also repaired the motor that was hurt the night before, so we had a spare motor. Brady worked his way up to 6th and things looked promising until the left rear stared going down during a yellow flag period. Hoping to build heat back up in the tire , Brady was on the gas when he was struck from behind by a competitor and spun out.  He then pitted and the crew made a tire change and sent him back out.  Another great job!!!  Another promising finish went away with a 17th place finish.  We found that the bleeder malfunctioned and broke, so without a bleeder it was difficult for Brady to advance in the remaining laps. We lost the National points lead for the first time in many weeks.
One of our favorite tracks, fast and usually multiple lanes so fast cars can  make passes. It looked like we had our 9th quick time of the year until we were beat late by Jon.  We transferred to the A Main with a 3rd place finish in heat 2.  We had a good car and if we would have started up front , we had a chance.  The car was not good enough to advance in the A Main and finished 6th. We closed the National points deficit to 5 points.
Thanks to the fans who turned out in record numbers and were very enthusiastic. We wish we had a better performance for our loyal fans. Some time off now to recuperate and regroup before The Smack Down at Kokomo.  See you there.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing

Gas City opened Sprint Week 2014 with 53 cars taking times and a packed house. We drew the number 45 pill and thought we were in big trouble going out so late with the track deteriorating . We had a great car and Brady did an amazing job qualifying 3rd . That put us in the 3rd row of heat race 3. I believe every vehicle but the pace truck hit the car in the heat. Brady was advancing on the very tight track when he got caught up in another mess not of his making. The crew changed a flat right front tire and sent it back out. Little did we know that the left front was going flat as well. Brady did a great job pressing along with a hurt car , passing cars but ran out of time to transfer. The accident caused some extensive damage to the car.

The list includes: The front axle, damage to the frame holding the front bar which required bending it back in shape and welding, the drag link, steering arm and both front tires which had holes. The crew did an amazing job getting the car ready in time for the B Main. Brady led the Semi every lap and transferred to the A Main starting 7th. The one lane race track made it almost impossible to pass. Some tried the high groove to no avail, it was on the bottom and if you got off the bottom you had a great chance of loosing a number of positions. Our 6th place finish was good considering the challenges of the night.

We went out late to qualify at Kokomo as well and set another new track record at 12.589. Our 8th fast time of the year was denied by the next driver , DD, who ran a blistering 12.405. Brady had a heck of a race with Justin Grant for the transfer spot in heat 2 . From there we lost the handle on the car for the A Main and ran a very disappointing 8th. Brady tried everywhere on the track, but the car just was not working .

Our home track was up next and we drew an early pill. But as things turned out a late pill was better. An 11th fast time was another disappointment. A 4th in the heat transferred us to an A Main which never happened. Threatening weather all night finally moved in and the race was called with no reschedule date. The fact that you get all the equipment muddy and don't get to race is a bummer.

One of the pictures is what most race fans don't get to see. The car wash trip after a race, followed by a arrival at a hotel between 1- 3 am with turn around the next morning. See you at Terre Haute.
Our luck at Lincoln Park Speedway has not been the best in the recent past and continued that way on the 4th of July. The car was good in hot laps and a few changes were made for qualifying . Going out in the back third in the qualifying order we were able to only run 10th quick time . This ended up being a hurdle too high to overcome.
The car was very good in the heat, Brady battled with Daron Clayton , as the two put distance between them and the rest of the field. A second place finish in heat 1 transferred Brady to a 10th place starting position in the A main. Brady got a good start only to be caught up in a "mess" not of his making on lap 3. Cars stacked up in front of him and he got punted and turned. This delegated us to the tail of the field. Brady drove hard to come back with a 13th place finish.
While we kept the points lead, our margin over second place DD has narrowed to 29 points.
On to the most important 2 weeks of the season. Indiana Sprint Week. We look forward to a great Sprint Week and seeing you there.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
The 13 hour trip to Superior Wisconsin resulted in a FOG OUT, yes a FOG OUT. On the way we saw on our phones there was fog in Superior and the temp was 45 degrees. We figured that can not be right. Unfortunately it was correct and the wind chill I suspect was in the mid 30's. After a trip to Walmart for warmer clothes and a valiant try by track officials the race was fogged out. You could not see one end of the track from the other.
Another long trip to beautiful Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley Minnesota. The facility is fantastic and the fans were enthusiastic . Another very fast car, qualifying second to Tracy, only missing our 7th quick time of the year by .008. Brady had worked his way up to the 2nd position in heat #2, when he did a masterful job of avoiding a car that parked it in front of him on the last lap and somehow recovered the car for a 4th place finish and transferring. Starting 5th in the A Main, another case of starting back a little too far. Lapped traffic was a real problem, Brady missing another possible disaster when a lead car tangled with a back marker. Another podium finish for The Mean Green Team, finishing 3rd.
Next up was historic Angel Park Speedway in Sun Prairie Wisconsin. You can feel the history and tradition there. Rain interrupted proceedings after qualifying had begun. Great job by the track crew getting the surface back in shape quickly and qualifying began anew. Brady caused the locals to shake their heads by running a lap under 14 seconds at 13.880 for our 7th quick time in 14 races and another new track record. Brady did a great job running 2nd in the heat race and transferring to the A Main. The track got narrow as the cushion ended up close to the wall in the feature. Brady worked his way up to 3rd when the motor started to go away and we prayed that it would last the 30 laps. Brady brought the car home with a 4th place finish and a motor bill.
We retained our points lead and remained fast every night. 1300 miles, we are now recovering!!!
It is unfortunate that 2 of the 5 scheduled races were rained out on The Eastern Storm Tour for 2014. However we made the most of the 3 races that were run. The enthusiastic race fans of PA and NJ turned out in big numbers to see the non-winged sprint cars of USAC. The reception we and Brady receive there is very rewarding and encouraging. Also the enthusiasm they express for our sponsors. The trip netted a record setting 84th USAC National Sprint car win at Port Royal Pa., our 2nd of the year, in a convincing manner Saturday night. Brady did a masterful job passing fast cars and maneuvering through heavy lapped traffic. NASCAR rookie star Kyle Larson and ex-Hoffman driver attended , it was great to catch up with Kyle.

Another highlight was our 6th fast time out of 12 National races run so far this year and our 2nd track record , we have finished in the top 5 ,9 times. The lap of 15.655 seconds at New Egypt NJ set the new standard. A 5th, 3rd and 1st netted the Team the Eastern Storm Championship. We also were able to pad our USAC National points lead. Our thanks to the great folks at The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing in York Springs Pa for hosting us and the kindness of a great our through the facility. A little time for the Team to catch our breath before we head out to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a 3 race weekend next week. Look forward to seeing all our great friends there.

Saturday night was a culmination of a ton of work and preparation , great results after 5 years of no pavement racing and not receiving the results that we deserved. Bryan pushed Aaron Pierce, the early leader early, and got the lead with a dominating car. Our early result was to be taken out by a lapped car. This could have ruined our night but with a Team that never quits and a driver who doesn't know quit and 5 laps down ,we recovered. A great drive by Bryan ,with fading brakes from lap 200 on, he showed the true meaning of a champion. We worked our way back up to 4th late in the race only to be taken out by a car over 50 laps down.

A 12th place finish by no way showed what a dominating car and driver we had. A big Hoffman thank you to all the help we got. A special thanks to Josh Shaw(fueler) ,Jeremy Perdue (right front tire changer) and Jake Simmons, our ex-teamate . Great pits stops by the crew!!! Way to go guys. Another great night in the legacy of Hoffman Racing. Rob, we are truly proud to cal you "our crew chief".

It was such a joy to get to know Bryan Clauson, Tim Clauson and Lauren Stewart as people rather than fierce competitors. Our admiration for Bryan as a driver only grew . Now back to doing our best to beat you every race. LOL !! Thanks for giving 1000% Now a week to prepare for The Eastern Storm!!!
The life of a racer was epitomized by the 24 hours The Hoffman Team had starting with the Terre Haute race:
- Load for the Terre Haute race at noon Wednesday and depart by 1:00 p.m.
-Arrive at The Action Track by 4:30 p.m.
- Race and depart TH by 10:00 p.m.
- Arrive at the shop at 2:00 a.m. Thursday
- Meet at the shop at 6:30 a.m. to unload the dirt car and all equipment and load the pavement car and equipment.
- Travel to Anderson and arrive by 9:30 a.m.
- Practice and qualify for The Little 500 and depart for home at 4:00 p.m.
- Arrive home and work until 9:00 p.m.

The great thing was 2 incredible results. A podium at TH and the pole for the Little 500. The crew overcame an early technical issue and at Anderson and got out for 3 practice sessions. We were quick on every set of tires. We went out early to qualify and Bryan Clauson did an incredible job with all 4 laps in the 11.1 's for the pole. Not bad for a group of "dirt racers". Great job by Bryan and the crew. We look forward to the race tomorrow . Pit practice is tonight.
Terre Haute has been one of our favorite tracks for many years.  We were very fast again in hot laps and backed that up by setting a new track record of 19.225, 0.2 faster than the second quick car.  Starting in position 6 in the first heat, a very tough heat, Brady was able to advance to second place in a race that went from green to checkered.
We knew we had a good car for the A Main.  The track was very fast and narrow, making passing a real challenge.  Brady passed more cars in the leader group than anyone finishing 3rd and retaining the points lead for the USAC National Championship. A big thank you to the Terre Haute track management and track prep crew for getting the race in under threatening weather conditions. Our next races in the USAC series is the annual trip for The Eastern Storm.  We look forward to seeing all our fans there.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman
The over 24 hours we spent traveling to and from Nebraska was well worth it for the Hoffman Team. It was amazing to see 2 beautiful, well prepared racing facilities among the thousands of acres of corn fields.  The USAC National Sprint Car contingent did not disappoint the large crowds with great racing and lots of passing.
We were 3rd quick in hot laps at Eagle Raceway  , but that did not transfer to qualifying, as we missed the set up and Brady could only manage a 12th quick time.  The Team went to work and finished a strong second in the 3rd heat race.  Then Mr Bacon put on another show in the A Main, using all of the track, he worked his way up to a podium finish at 3rd. All this with a bent front axle from a bad start with a car in front of us not taking off.  A great come back for the Team.
With a little sleep the Team turned the car around, making an engine change and replacing a damaged front end . We still had time for a trip to an amazing place.  "Speedy" Bill Smith's Speedway Motors and museum in Lincoln .  Wow ,is all we could say, we got to meet and talk with "Speedy" himself.  Needless to say Richard, Rob and Bill had a very entertaining conversation. 
Off to McCool Junction, a big fast, banked, wide race track, beautiful facility.  We have excelled at this type track in the past and McCool was no exception. Fast in hot laps this time converted to our 4th fast time of the year.  We transferred through the heat and started 6th in the A Main.  Wow what a race.  Brady put on another show , using all the track again, high , low, we were fast.  Passing Darland, Hines, Stanbrough , Brady got under winner Hunter Schuerenberg a few times but could not pull off the pass for the win. The 2nd place finish put us in the National points lead.


A great trip, next up for USAC is Terre Haute and for us The Little 500, lots to be done.
Gas City
Another very fast car and we came so close to the very rare "sweep" of the night. A very fast car in hot laps was followed by our 3rd quick time 5 races. We were in the first heat and started 6th in a very loaded heat. Gas City can be a tough place to pass, but Brady made short work of the field and won the race going away. Brady got off to a great start in the A Main from the 6th starting spot, ran high and took the lead on lap 7. To say that the cushion was nasty would be an understatement. It caught many veterans out and got us on lap 15, Brady bounced off the cushion,bicycled and came to a stop in turn 4. Many positives from the night, a bad break ruined a great night, thought we had them covered.

We as a crew let Brady down and he missed hot laps due to a motor glitch. The crew discovered the problem and got it fixed quickly. But we missedhot laps so Brady had to go out and qualify without any laps. That resulted in an 11th quick time. Brady looked great winning another heat race . Starting 11 in the A Main Brady put on another show, advancing through the field. He road the cushion, ran low and mid-track, wow he was fast. Once he got out of lapped traffic, he was off after leader Daron Clayton. The late race yellow we were hoping for didn't happen.
Don't know if we had anything for Daron, but it would have been interesting. A second place finish advanced us in the points and we are "right there" in the battle. A big road trip this weekend, we look forward to seeing our fans in Nebraska.


We always look forward to going back to one of our favorite tracks, Eldora Speedway.  We have had much success over the years there.  Brady pulled an early pill, number 3.  We were fast in hot lap session 1, the car looked very stable and launched off the corners and roared down the straight aways.  The track got faster as the hot lap sessions progressed.  Going out third to qualify, Brady ran a 15.069, a good 0.2 seconds faster than Mr. Clauson, who ended up 2nd quick. 

The track crew reworked the track , watered it after qualifying and the car that qualified 17th ran away with the race on a tough to pass track.  We had to settle for 5th in the heat race and did not transfer.  Brady started on the pole for the B main and ran away from the remainder of the pack for an easy win.

We started 7th in the A Main on another tough to pass surface and ended up 5th.  Rolled in back in the trailer, which is always a good thing.  Hoped for more, but a good finish none the less.  two big races this weekend.  See you there !!!
First of all a big thank you to everyone at Lawrenceburg that made this race happen in very difficult conditions. The heavy rains we had was a big challenge in track prep, they did a great job. We drew a pill which put us in the middle of the qualifying order. We were fast in hot laps and that carried over to a 6th quick time, 0.2 off the quick time.

A big opportunity to start in the front row went away in the heat race when an issue in the motor would not allow Brady to attain full throttle and we finished one spot out of a transfer. We led every lap of the B Main to earn our 7th starting spot on the grid for the 30 LAP A Main.

The racing was hot and heavy in the A Main. We dropped to 8th early on and then Brady began his charge. Jon had us all covered until a very late yellow allowed for a wild restart which saw Brady move up to 4th when the checkered flew.

The good news, we had a very fast car again. Looking forward to returning to one of our favorite tracks, The Big E in a couple of weeks.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman


Hoffman Racing will return to the Little 500 this year.  The pavement sprint car is coming out of moth balls , after being parked for 4 years.  The race will be run on Saturday May 24th.  HAR will enter a car to be driven by Bryan Clauson , two time defending USAC National Sprint Car Champion.   Details of sponsorship and schedules will be released at a later date.  Brady Bacon continues as the driver for HAR in pursuit of our 10th USAC National Sprint Car Championship for 2014.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman
Wednesday was practice night and we took advantage of the allotted time. We took the primary car out 8 times and the back up car 1 time.  I am sure we put in more laps than any other Team there.  We learned a lot , especially that we had a fast car.  
Thursday was the season opener.  It is hard to believe that there could have been a better way to start the year. We drew pill 2 and we were out first to qualify.  Normally that would make us nervous, but Brady blistered the track turning a fast time of 14.564, good enough for fast time. Brady fought a blocked track most of the heat race , but was able to transfer for the feature by finishing 4th.  The A Main was a good one.  Brady fought his way from the 6th starting spot, battling the best in the business.  He earned the victory by passing , among others, Darland and Hines. Brady got the lead on lap 18 and put considerable distance between himself and the rest of the field.  The historic win was #83 for the Hoffman Team. A very proud moment.  
Friday was a rain out. The younger folks went out.  The more experienced crew members watched the truck race with pizza, wings , wine and beer. 
Saturday brought clearing weather and plenty of sun for night 2 of the Winter Nationals.  Bubba and his crew did a good job preparing the track after heavy rains Friday. After drawing pill #17 , a tough two qualifying laps sealed our fate for the night.  To be clear , we had a fast car , as shown in the heat race.  By feature time the track got narrow and basically one lane.  Starting 13th , Brady was able to work his way to 10th.  There was little passing in the A main.
We left Florida confident that we have the pieces in place to have another championship year.
Hoffman Racing Makes the January 2014 Cover of National Speed Sport News

With a heading reading "What is Good Racing" National Speed Sport News picked the Hoffman Mean Green #69 Sprint Car as a example. But I guess I am preaching to the Choir. If you are here you already know that the non-wing traditional Sprint Car racing delivers some of the most exciting side by side action in motor sports.

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