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"2015 Racing News "

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93 USAC National Sprint Car Wins - 10 Time USAC National Champions

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No problem spotting the Hoffman "Mean Green Team" hauler on the road or in the pits this year. The new paint scheme is looking sharp!  Larry Wood Photo



2015 News and Racing Results

August, 8th 2015 - National Win "92" is at Cedar Lake Speedway, Wisconsin

Vince Peterson  - Track Rat Photos


Brady Gives Hoffman Racing National Sprint Car Win #93 at USA Raceway Night 2 of Western World  11-20-15

 Racing at USA Raceway in Tuscon was amazing all 3 nights.  We had a great end to the season with a win and significant milestone for Hoffman racing.
The track ended up with a very treacherous ledge , which led to an amazing show of skill by Brady and several other drivers.  Brady earned his 6th quick time of the year, running a lap of 15.275.  Transferring through his heat , Brady was set for a tricky 30 laps at this high speed track.  It seemed Brady and Bryan Clauson were together all weekend , in heat races and the A Main’s.  Two drivers who trust and like each other.  Brady got by Bryan for third running with great skill running the tricky, dangerous high side.  He made his way up to 2nd place by the time the checkered flew.  A great start!!!
Brady qualified 6th and transferred through his heat.  We were hoping for a front row start, but had to settle for starting 3rd with cars not transferring through their heats.  Rossi and Hines took off from the front row with Brady in hot pursuit.  Close racing saw Brady get by Tracy  with contact with our right front and Tracy’s left rear.  Rossi was passed on lap 17 by Brady for the lead.  The remaining laps saw a torrid battle with our friend Clauson.  Contact agin in sued when Bryan tried to get by on the low side.  Brady ran the top and won for the 7th time this year.  Giving HAR the 93rd USAC National Sprint Car win and the 100th USAC National win(93 sprint and 7 Silver Crown) .  What a proud and significant accomplishment   
We were the top point getter for the two preliminary nights.  So we had hot laps, the dash and the A Main.  Bray did a remarkable job moving up to 5th in the dash from 8th starting spot in only 6 laps.  Brady moved into 3rd in the A Main on lap 3 and an incredible 27 laps were to follow.  We had a good car but not enough to catch Bryan and Ballou.  The 3rd place finish complemented a 2nd and a win.  We fell 7 points from taking 3rd in National points, a great end to the season let us close to that slim a difference. 
A great way to finish the season with momentum leading into the 2016 season. HAR finished the year with more National wins than other in the storied history of the Team, 7.  We celebrated a very special birthday.  Levany Bacon celebrated her 1st birthday bringing back great memories of last year’s championship and her birth a few days later in Phoenix.  Great cake Xia Xia !!! 

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions
Three nights of racing at PAS began the last two weekends of the 2015 season. The weather was great and the racing was amazing. Different track conditions each night made the Budweiser Oval Nationals a challenge for the big field of 48 cars, 13 from the National Series.

Night 1 we qualified 2nd quick with a time of 16.8, 0.2 off the fast time. On a track difficult to pass on early in the evening, Brady made his way to 4th and transferred. Starting 5th in the A Main, we were only able to hold our own until the last lap start-finish line when Jon Stanbrough snuck by for 5th.

Points are accumulated the first two nights and the top 6 in points did not have to qualify or heat race on night three for $25,000 to win. We were in good shape after night . Qualifying 7th and finishing 3rd in the heat race, we got help when a car that out-qualified us didn’t transfer through their heat. So we started on the front row for the A Main. Fantastic racing ensued in the feature , we fell too third and Brady was able to pass Damion Gardner for 2nd on lap 25. We had nothing for Robert Ballou ,but finished 2nd , another great points night.

We came into night three, 2nd in Oval national points ,making The Super 6, so all we had to do was hot lap, run the dash and the feature. They inverted all 6 in the dash so we started 5th. The motor started to sound sour early in the dash and Brady held on for 5th. The crew did a fantastic job diagnosing the problem ( a cracked plastic cap)and making the fix in time for the big race. We tried a new set up to try and win the big money since our National points position is rather secure. We seemed to close on the leaders, then fall back and toward the end of the 40laps were catching the leaders again. The track had multiple lanes which made for great racing. We caught Ballou on the final lap but needed another lap to complete the pass and finished 6th. Not what we wanted.

Congratulations to PAS for putting on a great event, including a special driver introduction for the big race. Thanks to Big Mike for treating the racers with such great respect. On to Tuscon this weekend to wrap up 2015.

Look out Brady, your daughter has a eye on your seat.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Over the years we have had great races at our home track and disappointing ones.  We left the track Saturday night feeling the latter.  We were fast in hot laps, in the top six.  Our pill put us out about halfway through the field for qualifying.  We were only able to qualify in P 10, as usual the field was tight and 10th was only 0.2 off fast time.  We sure hit the sweet spot in heat race 2, Brady started 4th and quickly took the lead and ran away. 
The track was tough to pass on as 5 cars that out qualified us did not transfer.  This put us outside front row for the A Main. We had nothing for Thomas Meseraull as he blew by us and as laps continued our car slowed and we were only able to finish 4th.  

We now prepare for the big trip out West, logistics for a long trip are a bit complicated.  

On a positive note, you will see pictured the latest engineering marvel from Rob and Dan.  The winch system allows us to load the heavy/bulky pit cart with ease.  Great job boys, it may preserve a few of us older guys for a few years. 

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Eldora has always been one of our favorite tracks. We were the defending 4 Crown Non-Wing Sprint Car Champions.  So we entered the 2015 event with confidence and optimism.  That continued as we were fast time in hot laps and going out mid-pack, qualified 4th.  It started to unravel in heat 4. It is fair to say that we “missed it” for the heat.  The car was rather evil and we had to run the B Main.
Starting on the pole , Brady quickly dropped to 4th .  Brady discovered that the car wanted to be on the fence and he roared back to the front quickly,winning the B main. We lost our 4th place starting spot , starting the race in the 7th slot.  It was evident from the drop of the green flag that we had a ill handling car again. Trying to make something happen, Brady made hard contact with the 2nd turn wall.  This caused the RR to go flat due to the wheel being bent.  Fortunately there was a red flag and Dan could make the change under the red, so we din’t go down a lap.  
The remainder of the race was making laps , so a 21st place finish was a huge disappointment . We are currently analyzing what happened to make corrective action for our home track, Lawrenceburg this weekend. 

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Lady luck was not on our side at one of our favorite tracks, Terre Haute.  The track was dry and extremely hard on tires, tires blistered every time on the track.  So we thought a pill draw mid pack would be a real detriment to qualifying time.  Brady hustled the Mean Green Hoffman Machine to a lap of 20.493 which was quick time until our friend Jerry Coon Jr went out late and beat us by .003.  We missed transferring through heat 3 by one spot and dominated the B Main to start 7th in the A Main.  
Brady steadily moved up to 4th spot when a red flag was thrown on lap 13.  At that point the RR went flat, being cut with something on the track. Dan did a great job changing the tire and getting Brady back out.  Brady drove his heart out the remainder of the race and ended up a remarkable 9th after starting last on lap 19.

This race is run under the MSCS format.  The format is no qualifying, heat races awarding passing points.  In this format the pill draw is critical and seldom rewards the fastest cars.  For example, we drew pill #13, that put us on the pole for heat race 3.  The heat included among others, Clayton, Short and Thomas Jr.  Brady ran away with the race, no one in the same zip code.  Our reward was points for winning the heat, but with no opportunity to pass and gain extra points, our starting spot was 7th in the A Main.  
It took several attempts at a start, but when things stayed green , it was on.  Brady got trapped on the inside at the start and dropped in the field.  He got going and fought his way to 4th by the end of 40 laps.  As usual a very racy track ,tight passing on lapped cars, great action and a huge crowd.  
The track does a unique show of support by the fans before the green flag.  Everyone is asked to hold their cell phones up to light up the grandstands for the drivers.  Really great to see.  Thanks Haubstadt for another great track to race on. 

On to another great event “The 4 Crowns” this Saturday, hopefully we can make it 2 years in a row in victory lane

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Kokomo Speedway provided tricky, sometimes treacherous conditions with a huge cushion, tight racing , a huge crowd each night and our continued lack of racing luck at this track.  Over 40 cars each night.
We thought we would be in the top 8 in Smackdown points, but had no idea that we were 2nd. “The King of the Hill” format has been used to determine the starting positions for The Smackdown.  We were matched with point getter #7, T Mez in round one.  Brady left no doubt there or in round 2 when we raced Dave Darland for 3 laps.  The finals featured Chase Stockon and Brady.  What a race, dueling back and forth, Chase led on lap 3, Brady threw the car into turn 3, they raced side by side through turn 4 and the MOPAR prevailed by a nose to give Brady his second KOTH in a row.  Starting on the pole in the feature, lady luck bit us again at Kokomo. The RR started going flat on lap 3 ,cut by a rock, Brady dropped threw the field and finally stopped causing a yellow.  Dan did a great job changing the tire and Brady drove his but off to finish 14th. Not the finish we deserved.  DD was in aworld of his own, but we would have been very competitive.
The track was much drier this night.  A late draw put us 12th quick in qualifying. Brady transferred with a 2nd place finish in the heat.  We needed 6 cars to not transfer in their heat races to start on the front row, of course 5 didn’t transfer.  Brady started 10th and on a track difficult to pass and finished 7th. The picture shows the large rock that that hit the car during the feature and was embedded in the nose.
Points are accumulated the first two nights of the Smackdown, based on qualifying, heat race and feature race results.  The top 8 points earners advance to the feature night three and participate in “The King Of The Hill” for the top 8 starting spots.  Another good night for Brady and the Mean Green Hoffman Team.  
We qualified 6th, finished 3rd in the heat and 3rd again in the A Main.  The track developed a huge cushion and as always constantly changed during the evening.  
We had a heck of a battle with our friend Jerry Coons Jr. for 3-4 spots and finally prevailed for another podium.
The make up ISW race saw a very wet track.  Wheel packing took a lengthy time with cars covered in mud.  We had a fast car, qualifying 3rd, 2nd in the heat race and a podium of third in the A Main.  We had nothing for Chris Windom- the rim rider.
Our Northern travels first took us to the Amsoil planet in Superior Wisconsin. We displayed the car with 4 other USAC cars for the public and Amsoil employees. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the radio remote and discussions about the cars. It seems that we bring fog to Superior since we have had dense fog two years in a row. We qualified 5th on a very tacky and tricky track. We transferred through the heat and started 5th in the A Main. Brady was fighting for 2nd place with Ballou ,when the two made contact sending Brady into a spin. Fortunately the car stayed on all 4 tires and didn’t get hit by oncoming traffic. From our point of view Brady got chopped and hit. We restarted 17th and in very few laps Brady drove his way to a 7th place finish. We deserved much better.

The second night was a new track for us, Cedar Lake Speedway, a very nice and racy facility Another very fast car as Brady qualified 3rd and transferred through the heat. A torrid fast race followed with Brady once again moving forward , passing Darland before setting sail for Ballou. The two again putting on quite a show , seeing Brady as he charged past Ballou on lap 24. The fight continued until Robert almost collected the wall in turn 3 on lap 27. Brady was tremendous in winning number 6 for the year. That victory set an all time wins record for Hoffman Racing in one USAC National Sprint Car season with 6, eclipsing the previous record of 5 jointly held by two greats in the sport, Rich Vogler(1989) and Robbie Stanley(1993). Check out the great picture with young race fans doing the Mach Man pose with Brady.

Unfortunately with a race the next night not much time to celebrate, as we partied at the car wash. LOL

We set a new track record last year at Angel Park and were fast again qualifying 4th. In a transfer spot in the heat race with 4 laps to go , the motor let go in turn 2. The motor drill ensued with the team completing the motor switch in about 20 minutes. In time to lead the way in the B Main and winning going away. Great job gentlemen. Brady dropped back a little as the green dropped from his 7th starting spot. He got in his groove and moved forward making great passes along the way, Darland, Stockon and Leary. He caught the leader Ballou on lap 24 but could not make the pass. Another great run by the Team.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic fans of Wisconsin , thanks for coming by and visiting. That made the 25 hours in the hauler worth while. Next up the Smack Down in Kokomo. See you there!!!

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Although ISW 2015 didn’t finish the way we hoped,  Hoffman Racing and Brady Bacon had  a very successful  I.S.W. Early in the week pill draws hurt our efforts.  Drawing , out of 60 pills, a 60, a 55 and a 40 didn’t help.  
At Gas City Brady battled after a start deep in the pack to a 9th place finish in the A Main.  

Kokomo saw a 3rd in qualifying , a transfer through the heat and a postponement due to rain ,which plagued  us all week.  The race will be completed  as a part of Smackdown 2015 in August.  

Our home track was good to us with the Team’s 90th National Sprint Car win coming in a hotly contested A Main.  Brady fought Robert Ballou in a late race dual, then got by lapped cars and finished with the win.
One of our favorite tracks, Terre Haute, was disappointing for us .  Only able to qualify 20th quick, saw us start deep in the A Main.  Brady put on a charge and finished with a 7th place.  Great determination and drive by The Macho Man.

Our nemesis has been Putnamville.  Not so this time around.  Brady qualified 8th  and after a heat race win, started in the front row for the A Main.  What a race , as Jerry Coons Jr and Kevin Thomas challenged Brady for the lead.  Jerry actually got the lead briefly, but Brady was not to be denied, crossing the line with out 91st USAC National Sprint Car win.

Bloomington saw Brady accomplish a remarkable feat.  Setting a new track record of  10.854, this one might stand for awhile.  We transferred through the B Main, but a torrential storm hit and the race was cancelled, not to be rescheduled.  We were stuck in the pits for awhile until the great track crew pulled
us out with the massive watering truck .  Points were awarded  for the completed races.
We went into the finally with a 3 point lead over Ballou for the S.W. title.  No excuses, we just missed  it and finished 3rd in Sprint Week points.  Brady fought hard , but to no avail.

We have some well deserved time off before traveling to Wisconsin in a few weeks. 

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

 USAC National Win "90" comes at our Home Track Lawrenceburg Speedway July 12th, 2015

HAR'S 90th USAC National Sprint Car win came on July 12th at our home track of Lawrenceburg Indiana. That followed a hard fought top10 finish at Gas City seeing Brady win the hard charger award for passing 9 cars in the A Main. More details when time allows, Indiana Speed Week is very busy
The Eastern Storm was a frustrating time for the Mean Green Hoffman Team. We were just a few miles from Grand View Speedway when we got the word that the race had been rained out. A good call given the rain falling and the forecast for the evening. We had lunch with our friend Tracy Hines, which is always entertaining. It was a big surprise when night two at Lincoln was called off , it ended up not raining at all. Enough has been said about that decision.

That left the first race at New Egypt Speedway in New Jersey. Poor draws for the three events didn’t help our usual top tier qualifying effort . Eighth quick time at New Egypt and a second place finish in heat race #4 had us starting a little deeper in the field than we are used to. Our 9th place finish didn’t start the week off the way we wanted . We licked our wounds and had a day off before heading to Port Royal.

Being defending race winners at this event gave us some optimism . Qualifying 13th put us in a hole immediately. The car looked good in winning heat race one. But starting 13th in the A Main was too much to overcome. Brady passed cars and was closing on the leaders late in the race when the tires went away and finished 7th, as it ends up our best finish for the Eastern Storm.

Doing maintenance after New Egypt, the crew found water in the engine and attempted a fix on the road. After Port Royal it was obvious that the fix didn’t work and an engine swap was in order. A newly refreshed motor was installed in the car for Susquesanna . When it came time to fire the motor, it didn’t run properly. The crew tried three times to correct the problem to no avail. Time was running out and a substitute car was in order. A late draw didn’t help on a dry slick track and we were in a hole again, 13th quick. We again won heat race one beating some very good cars, Ballou, Stanbrough, Boespflug. But we struggled in a dusty ,dry and slick track and could only garner a 12th place finish.

We did have a little time to relax. We let our crew chief beat us in two games of bowling so he would take it easier on us the next day, LOL. We also visited the Harley Davidson factory in York Pa. Since 4 members of the crew have Harley’s, I was so impressed with the tour that I wanted to buy a TRIKE, which is built there. But my fellow crew members told me a TRIKE is not a real motorcycle and I couldn’t ride with them. Bummer !!! Guess I will settle for driving my car.

Re-grouping and getting ready for Putnamville on 4 July. See you there.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

USAC National Win 89 comes at Gas City Speedway May 15th 2015!

The championship caliber of Hoffmann Racing and Brady Bacon was never more evident than on Friday May 15th at Gas City I69 Speedway. After a totally tough weekend at Eldora last weekend, the Team worked hard to prepare the car and rebuild inventory on parts during the week.
We were fast time in practice and backed that up by Brady’s fast time in qualifying of 11.855, one of only 3 cars under the 12 second mark.Starting 6th in heat number 1 , Brady finally cleared traffic and closed on the two lead cars when the checkered flag flew. A green to checkered heat. We knew we had a good car, so Rob and Brady studied the track in the B Main, made a few adjustments, nothing drastic ,and took the track for the A Main.

In the early laps of the race it appeared that it would be a follow the leader event with little passing. Brady worked his way to 5th after starting 6th when he decided to try the high line. He got the car going and passed to 3rd when a yellow came out and he had to give up those 2 spots. It was no secret that Brady was going top shelf, but the competition could not stop him. He took the lead on lap 17 with a great move under Dave Darland for the pass. Traffic became a real issue late in the race. Brady did a masterful job passing high and low maintaining the lead. The 2nd place car moved in on Brady late in the race due to traffic holding up Brady. A determined defending National Champion would not be denied and the Team would not be denied.

Some great pictures showing Levany in victory lane again. Of course she was there in Phoenix shortly before she was born when Dad claimed the 2014 USAC National Championship.

On to Terre Haute , one of our favorite tracks.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

No one on the Team can remember a night at the race track filled with such bad luck. The night showed the championship caliber metal that this Team has to overcome all these obstacles:
 - We had an early draw on a very slimy track.
 - The newly refreshed motor in the car didn’t make a lap of hot laps.
 - The crew changed motors in 15 minutes and was ready for qualifying 
 - The early draw and no practice handicapped us and we qualified 12th
 - The first lap of our heat race, a fellow competitor decided to start in the lower to middle    part of turn one and then end up at the top of the track.  Unfortunately we were there, leading to a bad flip. The important thing was that Brady was okay.
 - Now the Team had to decide to try and fix the car in time for the B main, or go to a back up and have to start last in the A Main.
 - The Team , Rob and Dan welded and pushed the front end back in shape in time for the     B  main.
 - Brady felt the car out and finished 2nd in the B Main.
 - Starting 12th in the A Main, the car was good.  Brady was making his way up to 5th and looked like he may gain a few more positions before the checkered flag. That is when the RR tire blew sending him into the backstretch fence.  
Getting home at 2:30 a.m., the Team unloaded at the shop and met at 9:00 a.m. to regroup. We found the the motor mounts were broken in the primary car from crash #2 and the frame bent.  So we went with the back up car for night 2. 

Another early pill draw put us in the hole again. The combination of not having a great car and a slimy track put us 12th in qualifying of 19 cars. The car still wasn’t hooked up in the heat race and we finished a transferring 5th.  We have no excuse for being late for the A main, we got moved back 2 rows and started 16th instead of 12th.  We had a very good car in the A Main.  Brady moved up to 8th and had a heck of a battle with Jon, Dave and Chase.  We finished a hard fought 8th.

A beat crew got home at 2:30 and unloaded. 

A big thank you to our sponsor Mean Green for shooting video and photos the two nights for upcoming promotional material.  They are doing a tremendous job activating the sponsorship. Good for Mean Green, Hoffman Racing, Brady Bacon and the sport of sprint car racing.
Thank you to Eldora Speedway for putting on a tremendous two nights of sprint car racing in front of huge crowds each night. Also thank you for accommodating  the film crew . See you at Gas City. 

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Two of the three scheduled events were run, with the McCool Junction race being rained out. So what does a high profile race team do when all the work is done and you have a night off. Yes you guessed it, rest and are so bored that we watched the movie Godzilla in a hotel room with beer pizza and a 10:30 bed time. Glamorous right?

Our fate was sealed early this night with an early pill draw. A slimy track early caused a disappointing 9th quick time, the track improved almost half a second during qualifying. Track position was critical this night with heavy traffic and lapped cars causing some tense moments. Brady finished 2nd in heat race one and started 9th in the A main. After clearing traffic Brady ran down the pack with a few laps left. No place to pass resulted in a 5th place finish. We were very fortunate to get the race in with a threat of rain all night and the skies opening up shortly after the race finished.

Unlike Eagle, an early draw was critical in qualifying. We put a new RR on for hot laps and after a few hot laps it and the LR were ruined. The track was eating tires all night and made for an expensive tire bill for owners. Brady ran a 17.7 time good enough for 2nd quick. There was almost a 4 second differential in qualifying time from the fastest to the 32nd qualifier. As was the case the previous night, with such a differential in speed, passing was interesting to say the least. Brady finished 3rd in heat number 2 and started 5th in the A main. We had nothing for Robert this night. Brady raced hard all night, moving up to 3rd and catching Chase Stockon . The two put on a heck of a dual with Brady briefly moving into 2nd only to have Chase pass us again. It was great to see such intense, clean racing, you can tell the two have a lot of respect for each other. A hard fought 3rd place , podium finish rounded out the long trip, in front of a huge crowd.. We drove straight home after the event . Now we are looking forward to a 2 night event at the Big E with The Outlaws. See you there!!!

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions


Over the years we have had a very fast car on the 1/4 mile high banked red clay track. This race was no exception. Brady ran a blistering fast time of 11.056 for fast time and close to the track record. Brady drove an amazing heat race moving from the 6th starting spot to a dominant win. He made some great moves on the tight track. We started 6th in the A Main and early on it looked like we had something for them, but mid-race we dropped to 7th and struggled. The car got better as the race went on , Brady getting as high as 4th place. We were coming on late but settled for a 5th place finish. We learned something in that race that payed off the next night.

This has always been one of our favorite tracks and Brady’s as well. We qualified 3rd which put us in the 3rd heat of 3 heats run . As he did in Friday night, Brady’s performance in the heat race was a thing of beauty. He won with another dominating performance. Applying a few things learned on Friday, Brady started 3rd in the A Main and with some aggressive, smart driving he took the top spot on lap 4. We with Kyle Cummins and Robert Ballou ran away form the rest of the field. As Brady got into heavy traffic with lapped cars, Ballou pressured Brady. He even got the lead on the back stretch of lap 22 only until the two got into turns 3 & 4. You could tell Brady would not be denied. The dual continued the rest of the race , giving the packed house an exciting event and Brady a very popular win. In the short time Brady has been racing in USAC, he has built a huge fan base and growing as evidenced by the long impromptu autograph line that formed when the fans were allowed to enter the pits(picture). The long trip home was a happy drive for an excited albeit a tired crew.
We are heading to Nebraska and Kansas next weekend for a 3 race swing. See our Midwest fans there.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

We ran the weekly show at our home track of Lawrenceburg ,Saturday 11 April with the following objectives:
- Test out a new XXX car to make sure everything is sound if we run the car in a USAC race
- Try to improve on our inconsistent performances at our home track
- And it would be nice to win the race

All objectives were met. The new car was solid , as are all XXX cars we have had. We were quick time in hot laps . The pill draw had us starting inside row 2 for the second heat. Brady quickly grabbed the lead and never looked back. The Burg then has a redraw of the top 2 finishers in each heat. They have young race fans draw for each Team and a young man drew number 1 for us. Brady grabbed the lead from the pole position and led every lap in a race that went green to checkered. I believe that he lapped up to the 8th position. Brady caught the end of the pack by lap 8 and did a masterful job weaving through traffic. It was a popular win at our home track made even more so when Brady called the young man who drew the pill from the stands and gave him the trophy.

Back to USAC National competition this weekend at Bloomington and Haubstadt.
Tim Waechter
 VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
 10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions
We have been inconsistent at our home track the last several years, some good nights, some not so much.  Unfortunately ,Saturday fell in the latter category.  

The night started out great as The Mean Green Hoffman car was quick time in hot laps with a time under the 14 second mark. The track dried up a bit more than we thought before we went out to qualify and the result was that we slowed up by almost a half second and qualified a disappointing 14th.  That put us in a hole which we really didn’t climb out of the rest of the night.  

We transferred to the A main with a 3rd place finish in heat #2, a tough heat.  We started 11th in the A Main.  We moved up to 8th in a long green flag run that ended with a yellow with 9 to go.  Brady tried high , low, middle on the track.  We caught cars 3-6 at the restart, but passing was difficult and due to a disqualification, finished 7th.  

We will probably take a new style XXX to the weekly show a The Burg this Saturday to test it out and try to find more consistency at out home track.  The next USAC race is in two weeks with a double header at Bloomington and Haubstadt.
Tim Waechter
 VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
 10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions

Brady Bacon, Crew & "The Mean Green 69 Machine" at Bubba's Ocala Speedway 2/21/2015, Ocala Fl.  It was a real nail-biter! Brady got the lead right from the Green Flag and held it for 30 laps. About the 20th lap Brady's lead was starting to erode. Chase Stockon's car was clearly getting faster and Brady had his hands full for the final 10 laps. The race came down to the last turn of the last lap when Chase Stockon made a attempt to pass. Brady held his line and came out the Winner.  It was quite a race, and I am glad I was there to see it. Did I mention that Brady opened the 2015 Season on Friday night with a 3rd place finish? One more night to go at Ocala then on to East Bay next weekend. This was a Historic 87th National Win! (more later)
It could be called the trip from hell if you were looking at all that went wrong. But the Hoffman Team showed its grit and championship determination in Florida. Frankly I can not remember everything that happened, but here are the primary happenings:

- After only 9 laps or so the primary, newly refreshed motor blew in practice night at Ocala
- The second motor blew night 3 in Ocala when we had a top 5 or better locked.
- The 4 wheeler locked up and could not be used the 2 nights in East Bay, a lot of pushing   by hand. Thanks to USAC and fellow racers for use of their 4 wheelers. Did I mention that we pitted out of the infield , requiring a lot of help to move everything.
- The crew , expecting to have a day or 2 to relax, worked 9am-9pm or later daily. We changed the entire fuel system on the primary car to assure no fueling problems were causing motor problems.
- Trips back and forth from Tampa to Ocala to pick up a spare car .
- Had to replace the front right tire on the truck, due to foreign object in-bedded.( Picture)
- Got totally soaked cleaning the car in the rain before heading home .
- All time win #87 came in night 2 at Ocala.
- 2 quick times at Ocala
- Top 3 finishes in every race where we finished or were not taken out by a fellow competitor.

Night 2 at East Bay while running 2nd, with a chance at another win, the 3rd place car decided to take us out by ramming into our rear bumper and spinning us out. Of course he kept going. Apologies rang very hollow.
- A very fast car every night .

It was great to see our friends Stush and Toni in East Bay. We owe a big thank you to Captain Jack Nowling for his hospitality and kindness in sharing his home with the racers.

Looking forward to racing at our home track, Lawrenceburg on April 4th. Taking a deep breath and back to work for now.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions


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