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No problem spotting the Hoffman "Mean Green Team" hauler on the road or in the pits this year. The new paint scheme is looking sharp!  Larry Wood Photo

2016 News and Racing Results


We are thankful for the time we got to spend with Bryan and Tim Clauson at The Little 500 ,as a Hoffman driver . What a competitor Bryan was and one of the best open wheel/USAC drivers in history. Our admiration for The Clauson's only grew as we got to know them more personally. Tim, I am giving you a virtual bro-hug and we are sending our love. God bless and God speed Bryan. We are honored to call you a "Hoffman Driver"

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
Another bad pill draw put us in the 3rd hot lap group and next to last qualifying. We were not good in hot laps and that carried over to qualifying. None of us can remember qualifying that poorly in recent history ,17th . Stagger, shock, bar and height chances saw the car better in the heat race, which saw us and Sunshine - Tyler Courtney the class of the field in heat number 2. Starting 17th in the field, Brady was making up positions quickly , all legitimate passes. A couple of times driving between slower cars. It was fun to watch Brady, with a good car under him for the feature, show his talents. A heck of a torrid race was going on up front between Chris Windom and Chad Boespflug , slide jobs galore. The big crowd had their eyes on that race and Brady moving through the field. The night wasn’t all for naught as we picked up valuable points in the National points race. This year there isn’t much of a break before we leave for the West Coast. We look forward to seeing our great fans in Arizona and California. Tim Waechter VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing 10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions
Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
The fall race at our home track is always a big money race. Our pill draw(55 out of 60 numbers) didn’t help our qualifying efforts and we ended up a lowly 15th out of 26 cars.

 We had a fast car in the 3rd heat as Brady won by a huge margin over among others, Darland and Windom.

We started 12th in the A main as some of the fast cars in qualifying had a tough time transferring into the A Main. Brady tried every line in all 4 corners in the A main trying to make a pass. He had a tremendous battle with Chase for a number of laps before Brady was able to pull off the pass. At that point we needed a yellow, which never came , we may have picked up a few more spots, but had to settle for a disappointing 9th place finish. We finished ahead of those we needed to in the points battle and picked up a few points. Before the racing started, the Team received another very meaningful award from a contingency of Indiana Purple Heart Veterans. A beautiful plaque and reserved parking place sign were presented to Richard and the Team . A huge thank you to the Veterans for the great honor and to the fans for being so receptive.
The Midwest season concludes at Terre Haute for the rain out race on 15 October. See you there !!!

 Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
The largest crowd in recent 4 Crown history greeted 4 classes of cars this year on Saturday. The traditional USAC National Midgets , Sprint cars and Silver Crown cars were joined by The All Stars winged cars. There were approximately 140 race cars on the premises, not including a large number of 1/4 midgets on the small track. The motor home lot was packed and there was a “BIG Event” atmosphere for the night’s racing.

Sprint cars were up first with hot laps and qualifying. We drew a low pill and were in the first group. We were fast !!! A new RR and a few minor adjustments later we were 2nd quick when qualifying ended for the 40 USAC National Sprint Cars. There is a lot of time in-between The Mean Green Hoffman car was on the track. So it was a great time to visit with old friends. Thanks to ex-Hoffman driver ,Tony Stewart for stopping by to say hello.

After watching heat race #1, there was very little passing on the fast 1/2 mile (fast time did not transfer) so we were concerned with transferring with a 6th place starting spot in heat #2. Brady made a fantastic move in turn one, got above the pack of cars, and quickly moved into 2nd place. Finishing 2nd assured our starting spot of 6th in the A main.

Thanks to the Eldora track crew(overseen by Tony S.) for giving all competitors a fast and safe track. It is a thankless job to accomplish that for that many cars and try to keep the show moving along at a timely pace. A big shout out to our loyal fans who hung in there , they were certainly rewarded with great racing.

We fell back at the start, but Brady began to execute some classic slide jobs. His dual with Old Pro Dave Darland saw several slide jobs executed with precision and clean racing, going both ways. Brady prevailed and finished 3rd. Congrats to Justin Grant for well deserved win. A great points night for us.

 Brady was a busy young man, being one of two drivers running in all 4 divisions. Congrats Brady and Xia Xianna for a top 5 finish in all divisions. It is amazing that Brady can adapt so quickly in 4 divisions so different from each other. A rare talent indeed.

A big thanks to our web master, Paul Gretzinger for the great pictures of the action. On to our home track of Lawrenceburg. We have had mixed results lately there, so we are determined to win a big one Saturday night. See you there. Tim Waechter

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
It was disappointing that one of our favorite tracks was rained out on Friday(rescheduled for 15 October). Weather didn’t look good for Saturday, but we had beautiful night to race.

The format for the Tri-State Haubstadt Hustler generally has been the format of co-sanctioning group MSCS. But this year was a hybrid format. I feel like Forrest Gump," you never know what you are going to get”. Hot laps were qualifying. You qualified then with your heat race group which was determined by pill draw. We were struggling with the car and only qualified 11th overall and 3rd in our heat group. Our struggles continued in heat race 5. The top 3 in heat races qualified for the A Main, the top 2 participated in a redraw for the A Main starting spots. Finishing 4th in the heat race started us 5th in the B Main. We finished where we started, 5th. This started us 20th in the A Main, not a place we are used to.

The crew found a possible mechanical issue before the A Main and the car looked much better. As always Brady drove his tail off , moving up to 9th when the checkered flew after 40 laps and he was closing in on the lead pack. National points were awarded for the A main only, although none of the prelim events(to determine A Main starting spots) were standard USAC National format. Anyway a loss of 15 National points to our lead could have been a lot worse.

 We are excited for The 4 Crowns as always. Brady will be very busy, running all 4 races on Saturday, as The All Stars join us.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
Smackdown V was another major event in our schedule that featured a packed house all 3 nights , fierce racing and a very competitive field of cars. Car count 35-45. A big shout out to Kokomo Speedway management and team for working incredible hours to allow us to race in very difficult weather. Of course a tornado hit Kokomo the day before the Smackdown began and the track was flooded. Unbelievable that we were able to race all 3 nights. A big thank you to the incredible fans who turned out and to the crews who worked so hard in very hot and humid weather.
For us it was a disappointing 3 races, but once we found an issue we had with a shock, we were back fast and very competitive.

Night 1 we qualified 10th, did not transfer in heat 2 , won the B Main and went from 10th-7th in the A Main. Brady’s feedback was that the car was not comfortable to drive, it felt tipsy.

Night 2 we qualified 16th, finished 2nd in heat #4. Brady was feeling the same unstable situation in the car. Right before the A Main Rob, racking his brain on what could be wrong, took the left rear shock off the car , heard a rattle and ran it to be checked. It had taken a “dump” on us. The shock was repaired in time for the A main and what a difference. Brady advanced from 16th to 7th in less than half the race, looking like we had something for the rest of the race. A bad break with 13 to go under a yellow, the left rear went flat. Dan quickly changed it and Brady roared from last to 11th before the checkered fell. What a performance by the Macho Man.

This was the first Smackdown where we didn’t make the “King of the Hill” run off, winning it last year. We started on the pole for heat race #3 and ran away with a big win, starting us 11th in the A Main 40 lap race. Passing was tough , but Brady had his elbows up and advanced to 8th , driving the heck out of the car. Starting up front was a key all 3 nights. Bryan Clauson’s presence was felt all three nights. Brady looked great with his tribute helmet. RIP BC.
 Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
Within the USAC National Sprint Car Series there are several mini-series.  The Florida trip,  The Eastern Storm, The Kokomo Smackdown, The Western World, the Budweiser Oval Nationals , but none is more important or prestigious than Indiana Sprint Week.  Seven races in nine days is the ultimate test for the teams. The typical day for the Hoffman Team is to arrive to the track by 4:00pm , an hour before the driver’s meeting. Practice at 6:00 p.m., qualifying, heat races and the A main.  Departure from the track is typically around 11:00 followed by a trip to the car wash.  Bed time is from 1-3 a.m. depending how far we travel that night.  Up by 7:30 to grab some breakfast before "turning around” the car.  If we have no problems, it takes approximately 15 person hours(typically 4-5 of us) for maintenance, tire mounting etc. Grab some lunch and then off to the next track, 7 times in 9 days.

I am so proud to be a part of this race team.  The Hoffman Mean Green/Lykins Oil/Purple Heart Team showed why it is a championship team.  Using grit, determination, skill, dedication and the will to win carried us to the ISW Championship in 2016. Oh did I mention, we are the most “mature” team in the pits. Richard, Rob, Dan and I were warriors, hoping to make our sponsors and The Purple Heart holders proud. 

To show the difficulty of winning ISW, 7 different drivers won the 7 races, 5 of them first time National race winners. Each race 35-48 sprint cars tried to make the show for 22 starting spots. The stands were packed every night, the camping area was filled with motor homes with fans from the US, Great Britain, Australia , New Zealand , Germany and other parts of the world. 

We went into the final race needing a top 5 finish to clinch the title. We only had to run 1 B Main and finished 5,5,7,11,2,7,and 4th for an average finish of 5.9.  Needless to say the celebration was wild on the main stretch of Terre Haute.  Richard seems very comfortable in his new rocking chair(so did Levany Bacon). Thanks to John and Terri Youngs for their famous rocker and the $5,000 bonus for winning the title.

“This means a lot,” Bacon said proudly after driving the Dynamics, Inc./Mean Green – Lykins Oil/Triple X/Williams Mopar to the ISW title.  “Anytime you can put an accomplishment like this on your resume, that’s pretty special.  I’m glad to get another one for the Hoffman’s.  This is a lot more intense place to end it than some of the other places.  We’re usually good here and these guys gave me a good enough car that I could make up for some of my mistakes earlier in the week and a good enough car to keep it up front every night.   You never know what’s going to happen at this place,” Bacon continued after delivering the Hoffman Auto Racing team its first ISW championship since Dave Darland’s one-point victory for the team in 1998.  “When Bryan (Clauson) passed me, I was a little nervous, but I thought we were still good enough to get in line and not make any mistakes.  I don’t think any team had the “Sprint Week” we were wanting, but we got the best of everybody else.  The experience of the team helps in that situation because they know not to get too down on themselves.  If you can only run 7th or 11th some night, they know to just take what we can get and move on to the next one.”

Now time for some rest and maintenance to get ready for the stretch run.  Thanks to all the fans who wished us well and cheered Brady on the entire ISW.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151

"Yes, that's Tim on the left, he always wanted to be a driver so we let him"
Gas City
A big thank you to Gas City for preparing a good race track for us.  We drew a very poor pill again and the track was still good enough for Brady to crack one heck of a lap and earn the Pro Source Fast Qualifier.  We transferred through heat one and started 6th in the A Main. The track had a least two grooves, with the top side getting more treacherous as the 30 laps progressed.  It appeared that Brady and Bryan Clauson were going to fight it out for the win, but the big ledge in turn 4 bit both of them.  I still don't  know how Brady kept the  car running when he spun.  He explained it to us  and I think it is quite remarkable that he could think that fast and execute the restart in seconds.  He dropped back to 7th, but was able to recover enough to gain our 9th straight top 5 finish.
Another late pill didn’t help our qualifying effort as Brady was 10th quick.  He got out front in heat two on lap 3 and was gone in a very competitive field of good cars including Ballou and Darland.  Rob and Dan had the car hooked up in the A Main as Brady went from 10th to 5th and was looking for more as he tried to pass a competitor who zigged when Brady thought he would zag and spun the car to avoid contact on lap 14.  Unfortunately other cars got involved and the red flag flew.  We were hit in the right front, so the crew ,not knowing the extent of the damage, got a front end and tire ready in case.  Fortunately the car wasn’t damaged and Brady put on a show for the remaining 16 laps.  During the red the announcer speculated that this may break our string of 9 consecutive top 5 finishes. Maybe Brady heard Dillon and decided to prove him wrong.  Going from 16th to 7th by lap 29, Brady passed to more cars on the last lap to keep the string going.  Great job!!!  Picture is of our VP Marketing/Public Relations Tim Waechter "In Deep thought."
The highlight of the night was Hoffman Racing being presented with the Official designation as a Purple Heart Race Team in the opening ceremonies.  Thank you again to Lawrenceburg (the Rudisell’s ) and USAC for making this happen  at our home track. Also the fans were so receptive, thank you for making some old Veterans feel appreciated.  This is truly an honor for our Team and we will appreciate this recognition always.  The pictures say it all.  A big shout out to track photographers , Tim Thomas & Rick Lane for the great pictures and providing them to us at no charge. Thank You !!! Hopefully our pill draw will go better in the last 4 ISW races as we were fast time in hot laps, but going out late, we were only able to qualify 13th.  Brady ran away again with another heat race in a field including Clauson, Ballou and Hunter.  Starting mid-pack in the feature, we struggled finging grip.  Th Burg had 2 grooves for the A main and Brady searched around to no avail.  The 7th place finish broke our streak of 10 consecutive top 5 finishes.  A lot of wok to do and we are off to Terre Haute for round #4 of ISW.  

Again, big thank you to Rick Lane, Tim Thomas and Paul Butcher for their great pictures
. More Interesting Pics at Third Turn Society on Facebook.
The traveling circus of the USAC National Sprint Car Series had races in four consecutive nights in Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas on June 23-26.  The Jackson Motorplex is a beautiful 1/2 mile track in Jackson Minnesota.  It was the sight of another historic win for the Hoffman Team and Brady Bacon.  The 100th USAC Sprint Car win (95 USAC National ,"3 Special Events” and 2 MidWest wins) came after Brady took the lead on lap 14 after a battle with Dave Darland and then Brady fought off a late race charge by Robert Ballou. The victory was the 15th for Brady in The Mean Green Lykins Oil, Purple Heart Hoffman Machine, the most by any driver in Hoffman history..  He started in the front row after qualifying 5th and running 2nd in heat 2.  The facilities here were spectacular and we recommend you visit this track. 
Eagle is a high banked short track that has hosted some great USAC sprint car races and this was no exception.   Brady passed his way to second in the early laps on the two groove race track  by using the low groove all around the track.  DD got by Brady on lap 10 , but a furious 3 way battle with leader Boespflug , Darland and Brady ensued.  Brady moved to 2nd on lap 20 by using the low line while DD was up high.  Brady caught Chad by the final lap and got a nose under him but lost the race by 0.363 of a second. An infield tire was moved during the race and hurt Brady’s line in 3&4.  During a caution, Brady was hit by another car, sent into the wall but kept the car running to save the night. Great job Brady!!!.
The 4/10th mile facility is banked and offered competitors a 2 groove race track.  Starting in the 3rd row Brady and DD had another great battle moving to the front and trying to catch a front row starting Ballou.  Brady on the bottom and DD on top was a familiar story and Brady got by DD on lap 15.  The battle continued and DD got in front of Brady on lap 21 only to see Brady take 2nd back on the same lap.  The theme all 4 nights was negotiating lapped traffic.  Brady got to Robert but could not make the pass in the race to finish 2nd again.  Brady qualified 2nd to Chase and won heat race 2.
Thanks to all who worked so hard to get the track ready after a heavy rain late in the afternoon.  We had another good track with multiple grooves .  It was a disappointing way to end the 4 race series, but another second place finish capped off an incredible 4 race performance by the Team.  Starting 3rd Dave Darland and Brady were at it again.  DD was in the lead and Brady was on his way to pass DD for the lead on lap 9.  Brady set a blistering pace distancing himself from DD, but new company was on the way in the form of Messeraul.  Lapped traffic was again a challenge and on lap 22 a car raced Brady out of turn 2 like it was the final lap of the Indy 500.  The car made contact with our rr and hit the wall , getting into the air and causing a red flag. We will never know what would have happened if it stayed green .  After the red, the tires never came back for Brady and Thomas did a great job getting by us in turn 4 while taking the white flag. Brady fought back but was not able to catch the #66 car.  It was a great night for me as my sister Tammy, her husband Jerry and grandson Joe were able to attend.  It was great to see a young man attend his first race, the big eyes and amazement , sitting in the car and putting on Brady’s helmet
What a great 4 days for the team, fighting very hot weather, working hard with great results.  We hope to keep this roll going into Putnamville this Friday and Sprint Week next week. 
Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
As always the fans of "The Eastern Storm” were enthusiastic and turned out in big numbers to support our series.  It is always fun to race in front of great fans who appreciate our non-wing racing.  Thank you and great to see all of you. A big thanks to our friend Stush for all his help and friendship this past week.  Great to be with you Stush !!!!


Grandview 6-7
The series got off to a rough start at Grandview. We struggles all night getting ahold of the track.  Qualifying 9th and not transferring through the 1st heat.  Finishing 3rd in the semi and starting 9th in the A Main, we were only able to advance to 8th.

Lincoln Speedway 6/8

A tough start Tuesday got tougher Wednesday on a slick Lincoln track.  Qualifying 12th and again not transferring in heat 4, getting  in through the B Main.  Struggling big time in the A main, we just missed it and could only manage 16th in the points paying race.  Things started to turn around when we “went for it “ with big changes in the make up, non-points feature, not run 2 years ago.  Brady went for the win out of turn 4 on the final lap giving up second but giving his all.


New Egypt 6/9
Qualifying 8th and for the 3rd night in a row had to run the B Main, finishing 6th in our heat. The car looked much improved in the B main, winning by a big margin.  Moving his way forward in the A main, Brady got up to 2nd on lap 6, only to be passed by Ballou on lap 12.  Clauson got by us on lap 16, but Brady went on to a good finish of 4th.  That would be a precursor to the next two nights.

Port Royal 6/11
One of Brady’s and the Team’s favorite tracks, we won here in 2014.  Qualifying 6th and finishing 2nd in heat 3, we were pumped up for the A Main.  Brady passes DD on lap 8 for the lead and set sail.  At he half way mark Brady engaged Ballou in a fierce battle for the lead. On lap 16 Robert got by Brady with a wicked slide job.  Ballou pulled in during a yellow and Brady inherited the lead again.  Clauson got by Brady on lap 24 with a massive slide job.  Brady did all he could to get by Bryan and in the process had McGhee to battle with for 2nd. Brady won that battle.  A good night and a great come back by Brady and the Team.

Susky 6/12
We have never done well at this slick track.  The new owner has dine a great job updating the facility and improving the track. We won heat 2 with a great drive by Brady and started in row 3 with Clauson.  Brady battled the whole race and finished a strong 3rd to finish the week.  Momentum is back on our side and we look forward to a week off and hitting the Mid America swing.

Thanks to the crew for the big Birthday cake and Levany continues to work on her driving skills.
Unless you have been to “The Little 500” , you can not understand how hard it is to win this very prestigious race. There are so many factors that come into play when you put 33 800+hp pavement sprint cars on a 1/4 mile high banked track for 500 laps.  Traffic, pit stops (that only occur for this race), patience by the driver and concentration when you have no time to rest, reliable equipment that holds together for this grind, preparation and lady luck among many others.  The pit stops were extremely impressive, with the crew turning out consecutive pit stops at under 20 seconds.  That includes, fuel and 3 tires.   The sold out crowd saw one heck of a race, including a torrid battle between Kody, Santos, Steele and Coons.  We are so grateful that we hooked up with Kody Swanson for this race.  What an impressive young man(with Jordan and Trevor-an impressive family) and great race car driver.  Kody, thank you bringing us this long sought after victory.  I have never seen a happier Hoffman Team. A big shout out to our VP of Operations, Dan Launderville.  We all know that without his fabrication, mechanical and organizational skills, we would not make it to the race track , much less win.   It was very rewarding to see the number of fans and competitors sincerely offering congratulations to the Team.  A depth breath and then preparation for The Eastern Storm.


Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
Terre Haute has always been one of our favorite tracks. Last night was no exception.  Brady had fast time in hot laps being the only driver under the 20 second mark.  He held the top position in qualifying, going out the 3rd car and ran a lap of 20.514, as the track slowed substantially.  We transferred to the A main through the 1st heat and the guessing where the track would be come feature time began.  Things like bars, stagger, air pressure ride height and more all come into play.    The crew did a good job and the car was fast.  Brady starting 6th held the position for a few laps and began moving forward.  Running the high line, then trying the bottom. Ballou and Messeraul set a torrid pace with slide jobs galore.  Brady worked his way up to third and began to close on the leaders, when the car started to slow and we fell to 4th at the finish.  An inspection of the car post race found an issue with a left front suspension part accounting for the slowing in the last laps.  Great job Brady bringing home a wounded car.    The busy week continues today with qualifying for the Little 500 and the race Saturday.  The picture of a young Brady fan looking at his hero is price less .  Nice to meet some fans from Australia last night. 

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
GAS CITY 5/20/16
We entered the event as defending champions of the race from last year.  Another late pill draw but a good effort with a 6th quick qualifying time.  Brady transferred in the second heat despite being taken out and spinning to avoid a slower car.  Brady got his elbows all the way up and went from last to qualifying for the A Main in a spectacular drive in the remaining 5 laps of the heat.  Brady took the lead immediately in the A Main.  He had a nice lead until trying to over take the tail end of the field.  Evidently the “move over” flag didn’t mean much.  A timely yellow held off a charging Scotty Weir.  Brady took off again at the drop of the green.  In a recurring event, the same car that was holding us up earlier in the race got in the way again.  He was running the high line which was our fastest way around the 1/4 mile track.  With two laps to go that car blocked Brady and Weir was able to get by.  The torrid battle continued to the checkered flag , with Scotty winning.  Congrats to him and his Team.  We thought one got taken away  by a slower car that ignored the get out of the way flag
Returning to Brownstown after a 5 year absent, the pits hadn’t changed much.  The track however was much better and remained racy all night.  We just missed the set up in qualifying.  A new track record was set after we went out.  The 8th place in qualifying was the best we could do.  We needed 2 to not transfer through the heat to start on the pole, only 1 didn’t, this turned out to be significant.  Brady transferred through heat two and started 8th in the A Main.  The car was very good and Brady was on top of his game.  He could run the car high or low on the track and made some spectacular passes on his way to the front.  We needed a yellow, which never came, to catch Thomas Jr. What a drive by Brady and a great job by Rob and the crew setting up the car.  We have had a 5th, 3 seconds and a win in the last 5 races.  We hope to keep it rolling at Terre Haute on Wednesday , qualifying for the Little 500 on Thursday and the race on Saturday.  To say the least, a busy week.
The weather cooperated and the USAC/World of Outlaws double header went off without any interruptions from the rains drenching the Midwest this spring.  Great crowds both nights were treated to some torrid racing on the 1/2 mile highly banked Eldora Speedway.  Hopefully this event will be back next year , if you have not seen it yet, you owe yourself a trip for the event.  The best non-wing and winged sprint carts and drivers put on a show that is quite a “bang for your buck”. 
This was a night where a late pill surely hurt you qualifying efforts.  Going out 3 from last, Brady put together 2 beautiful laps and got everything out of the track at that point and qualified 8th.  In the heat race Brady moved up and had quite a battle with Jarret Andretti , by the time the pass was made, Shane Cottle had run away with the race and we settled for 2nd place.  Starting 8th in the A main, we struggled a bit with a track we never really got a hold of and earned a hard fought 5th place finish. 

The Big E gave us more moisture in the track the 2nd night.  We went out mid-pack to qualify and just “missed it” a bit and qualified 11th.  Unfortunately for the second consecutive year in the “Double Header” we had a motor issue. The motor went during the 3rd heat.  Due to great planning by Dan, (who has the spare motor under the cabinets prepped  and ready to be placed in the car) and coordinated team work by the crew , the motor was changed in about 25 minutes.  I was too busy to get an exact time.  We knew in the B Main that we had a great car, as Brady sailed to the victory.  We started 10th in the A Main and it was evident early that we were a threat to win.  Brady put on a clinic on running inches from the wall and slide jobs.  What a fast Mean Green , Lykins Oil, Purple Heart Hoffman car we watched.  Brady worked his way to second and we thought we had something for Chad, but multiple yellow flags hurt our efforts for the win.  It took a few laps for the car to reach top speeds.  Congrats to Chad Boespflug (ex-Hoffman driver) for a great win. The 2nd place finish was well earned and a great team effort. 
Testing Saturday for “The Little 500” and back to the USAC competition on 20-21 May at Gas City and Brownstown.  

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151


Saturday turned out to be a historic race in the history of Hoffman Racing. Brady Bacon, with his 14th USAC National Sprint Car win in the # 69 Mean Green, Lykins Oil, Purple Heart Hoffman car at Montpelier Speedway in Indiana, became the winningest driver in HAR Racing history. Brady went into this year tied with Jerry Coons Jr. with 13th, followed by Tracy Hines with 12 and Dave Darland with 11.

The Hoffman score card now reads: 102 USAC National wins (all but 1 win since 1989)
10 USAC National Sprint Car Championships
94 USAC National Sprint Car wins(since 1989)
7 Silver Crown wins
1 USAC National Midget win

Montpelier Speedway is a very nice 1/4 mile track, with great facilities. It was packed with very enthusiastic fans. We had a good car in hot laps and with a few changes, Brady set his first quick time of the year. The heat race was a tough track to pass on, but Brady pulled off some good passes to transfer for the A Main. Ron, Brady and Dan kept an eye on the track and made a few very important changes right before we pushed off for the feature event.

With quick time we started 6th. The track became a very technical track, you had to hit your marks, which Brady did running the car on the low side to perfection. He passed Dave Darland for the lead on lap 12 . The car launched off turns 2 & 4 and down the straightaways. Kyle Cummins gained some ground on Brady in the closing laps, but after a yellow with 6 to go, Brady pulled away. A great team win as the crew worked hard adjusting the car and we earned it.

We look forward to our next 2 night event at Eldora with the Outlaws. We encourage every fan to attend this event, you will see non-winged and winged cars and get a great bang for your buck.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151

Our return to the red clay of Bloomington was a successful one. Qualifying mid-pack, Brady was able to run 4th quick, after being fast time in hot laps. Running in a very tough heat #4, including Darland, Clauson, Grant, Cottle and Swanson, Brady was able to move from deep in the heat to a 2nd place finish.
After a rough start, which saw 2 cars run off the track and flip, in the A main, Brady was able to pass for the lead on lap 2. He was running the high line in turns 1&2 and the low-middle line in 3&4. Of course Brady could not see that Bryan Clauson was running the high line all around the 1/4 mile and he passed us on lap 19. The 2nd place finish was disappointing after leading, but a great job by all.
When you’re the leader, it’s hard to know where to go,” Bacon admitted. “The only thing I could’ve done to hold him (Clauson) off would’ve been to go to the top earlier than when I did. But, never on Earth did I think that that was the way to go because the top was so slick all day in (turns) three and four. I just never thought it would’ve come in like it did. We were better tonight, but so was everyone else. The competition is so tough in this deal right now that everybody is pushing, pushing, pushing, and you can’t ever stop!”
This was a night where drawing the number 1 pill was not advantageous. We were once again very fast in hot laps even tough we went out in the first group. The best we could do with a track that kept getting faster was a 10th in qualifying. We finished 2nd in a very tough heat 1 and started 10th in the A Main. Passing was very some what difficult in the A Main , but Brady battled his way to a 6th place finish.

Next Saturday we are on our way to a new track for us., Montpelier Speedway in Indiana. We look forward to the challenge
Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151
The fact that the track started blowing dust in hot laps was an indication of things to come. A strong wing all night added to the challenges of keeping the track in good racing conditions. We were the fastest car in hot laps and Brady did a great job in qualifying the car 5th quick , even with going out relatively late. He hit his marks and took advantage of the moisture that was left in the track. In a green to checkered flag heat race one, Brady pulled off 3 text book slide jobs and transferred to the A main by finishing 3rd.

One car didn’t transfer through the heat race and we started 3rd in the A main. Falling back initially, Brady found the sweet spot on the track and started moving up to 4th then 3rd. With 10 laps to go the race became reminiscent of the last race in Florida, all cars on the bottom with RR tires starting to blow. Car after car saw cords showing in their tires and a few laps later they blew. In a race that took well over an hour to run, our RR went on lap 25 while we were running 2nd. The crew quickly changed the RR and a red flag a few laps after gave the crew an opportunity to change the bald LR tire as well. Both tires were ruined in a few short laps. The 12th place finish was no indication for how fast we were all night and how hard the crew worked. Another stellar night for Hoosier tire sales.

A big shout out and thanks to the hardy race fans who showed up and stayed in blustery , windy,cold weather . You are the best !!!

Hoping for tracks we can race on, we look forward to Bloomington and Haubstadt in 2 weeks.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151

Track condition would be the overwhelming theme of the 4 nights spent at Bubba Raceway Park.  I will let you decide how the track was or was not prepared for non-wing sprint car racing.  The attached pictures may help you decide. 
We had a plan to test a few changes to the car and shake down the new car.  All of that went out the window when the engine let go after the 7 laps of practice.  We were very fast until then.  The night became a thrash of moving shocks, tires etc. to the new car(back-up ) while part of the crew pulled the motor and placed the spare motor in the primary car.  Brady went out in the new car to shake it down and it was good to go.  With the back-up motor installed in the primary car, we had to move everything back to the primary car.  The car was good and ready for night one.  We blistered 3 tires in that short period of time.

Drawing a pill in the back half of qualifying, the track was already going away and Brady ran 11th quick.  We looked very good in heat 3 and won going away.  An 8th place finish was the best we could do on a slick track .  Again destroying tires.

The track would turn out to be the best of the three nights.  We qualified 5th and Brady put it in the show by finishing 4th in heat one.  Brady did a masterful job driving the Mean Green Lykins Oil Purple Heart Hoffman Machine on a very slick and ever changing track.  A few more laps and who knows?  Brady closed within 3 car lengths of winner Robert Ballou as the checkered flew.  

This night turned out to be a nightmare for many teams, including us. As the track was the worst of the three nights.  Brady qualified 3rd and won heat 3.  We were going through tires every time out. Starting 4th in the A Main, we dropped to 5th on a track that resembled more of a paved track than a dirt track.  Smoke was pouring off the rear tires of many cars.  Before the night was over 3 cars leading would blow right rears, ours went on lap 25.  Two of the leaders tires went on the last lap.  For some reason we went down a lap when we made the pit stop.  The crew changed both rear tires.  In 5 laps those tires were destroyed.  Pictures attached says it all.  
Total tire count of destroyed tires, 6 RR and 5 LR.  
As always is was great to spend time with the Bacon family.

On to better days at our home track when the Mid West season begins at The Burg on April 2nd.  See you there!!!

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151



Loveland, OH (11 Feb,2016) -- Hoffman Racing is announcing today that HAR is being designated as a Purple Heart Race Team by The Military Order Of The Purple Heart.
“ We have always supported our Veterans , but in recent years through our VP of Marketing, PR and Social Media, Tim Waechter, we have had the opportunity to meet and entertain Veterans who were awarded The Purple Heart . They are our heroes and it is an honor for us to be recognized as an official Purple Heart Race Team. We will proudly carry The Purple Heart logo on the race car, t-shirts, autograph cards and banners. We encourage our fans to Support The Military Order Of The Purple Heart” said Richard Hoffman, President and owner of Hoffman Racing.

Tim Waechter said “ As a combat Veteran of Vietnam and honorary member of MOPH #3620 in Cheviot Ohio, I have experienced the brotherhood and dedication that we have for our Country and the fierce dedication we have for fellow Veterans. If any race fans wish to support our Veterans with financial help, I can not think of an organization more dedicated to all Veterans and where the help will actually get to the Veterans through the MOPH. Go to to make a donation to the MOPH Foundation. Every time the Hoffman Mean Green /Lykins Machine makes a lap and I see the MOPH logo, I will feel great pride”.

“The Military Order Of The Purple Heart is proud to make the Hoffman Racing Team a Purple Heart Racing Team. Hoffman racing is a premier team that races nationwide. MOPH is very honored to ally with a team of this caliber” added Tony Kohl, National Finance Officer of The Military Order Of The Purple Heart.

Chartered by an act of Congress in 1958, The Military Order Of The Purple is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat. Although the membership is restricted to the combat wounded, the MOPH supports all Veterans and their families with a myriad of nation –wide programs by Chapters and National Service Officers.

Highlights of the team’s history include: -1929-1960 Gus campaigned Sprint Cars and Midgets, his drivers included Eddie Sachs, and Don Branson - 1964 Gus’s son Richard became co-owner of the Team - 1973-1984 HAR fielded Indy Cars, including 7 Indy 500 starts - 1989 HAR won the first of 10 USAC National Sprint Car Championships with Rob Hoffman as the crew chief (’92,’93,’96,’97,’99,’02,’04,’08,’14)

With 93 USAC National Sprint Car wins and 10 National Championships, HAR has won more National races and championships than any other team in USAC sprint car history. HAR also has 7 Silver Crown wins for a total
of 101 USAC National wins. In 2003 HAR was recognized for excellence by the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives. HAR has finished in the top 3 in USAC National Sprint Car owners points 19 times since 1989.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Auto Racing 513-284-151

"Return of the Beast - Hoffman 69 Pavement Car"

Loveland, OH (Jan 12,2016) -- “After the pavement car sat for 5 years, in 2014 we dusted off the car and decided to run the Little 500 again. The decision was made after Bryan Clauson asked if we were interested. Using his tremendous talents and the crew working extra hours , while running the entire USAC National Sprint Car Series, we were able to sit on the pole and led the race before being taken out twice by lapped cars. I have always wanted to win this race and when the opportunity presented itself to have Kody Swanson in the car , we decided to give it another go. We look forward to working with Kody and ripping off fast pit stops once again” said Richard  Hoffman, President and owner of Hoffman Racing.
 Kody Swanson added “ Last May was my first attempt at the Little 500. It was such a great event to compete in, and I’ve been looking forward to going back ever since. Hoffman Auto Racing is one of the most storied teams in open wheel racing, and their reputation for professionalism and preparation is unmatched in our sport. I’m excited to return to the Little 500, and I am thankful for the opportunity to be driving the HAR #69.”
Kody Swanson from Kingsbury California, started his career with the United States Auto Club by winning the USAC Western Sprint Car Championship in 2005. While racing, Kody continued his academic pursuits , graduating as high school Valedictorian in 2006 and graduating Magna Cum laude as a President’s Honors Scholar from California State University Fresno in 2010. Later that year, he was named USAC’s Most Improved Driver after scoring his first win in the Silver Crown Series. Since then, Kody has collected a total of 12 Silver Crown victories , tying him for 7th All-Time and the last two series championships. In addition to racing Kody and his wife Jordan have welcomed their first child, Trevor Michael and continue to work at Alt & Witzig Engineering
 in Carmel Indiana.
 Highlights of the team’s history include: -1929-1960 Gus campaigned Sprint Cars and Midgets, his drivers included Eddie Sachs, and Don Branson - 1964 Gus’s son Richard became co-owner of the Team - 1973-1984 HAR fielded Indy Cars, including 7 Indy 500 starts - 1989 HAR won the first of 10 USAC National Sprint Car Championships with Rob Hoffman as the crew chief (’92,’93,’96,’97,’99,’02,’04,’08,’14)
 With 93 USAC National Sprint Car wins and 10 National Championships, HAR has won more National races and championships than any other team in USAC sprint car history. HAR also has 7 Silver Crown wins for a total
 of 101 USAC National wins. In 2003 HAR was recognized for excellence by the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives. HAR has finished in the top 3 in USAC National Sprint Car owners points 19 times since 1989.
 Drivers from the past 86 years reads like a who’s who of racing: Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Tracy Hines, JJ Yeley, Kasey Kahne, Kenny Irwin Jr, Rich Vogler, Dave Darland, Johnny Parsons Jr., Tim Richmond, Jay Drake, Brian Tyler, Robbie Stanley, Eric Gordon, Steve Butler , Jerry Coons Jr. Ryan Newman, Dave Steele, George Snider, Tom Bigelow Shorty Templemen, Don Branson, Eddie Sachs, Bill Puterbaugh, Elmer George, Pancho Carter, Roger Ward, Andy Michener, Kyle Larson and Brady Bacon. In all approximately 131 drivers have competed in the Hoffman cars. Of those there are four father/son combinations , Dick and Dickie Gaines, Jim and Tracy Hines Kerry and Dave Norris, Clark and Shorty Templemen. Two brother combinations, Larry and Steve Cannon, Pancho Carter and Johnny Parsons Jr. HAR also had a stepgrandfather and stepgrandson combination of Elmer George and Ed Carpenter.

Brady Gives Hoffman Racing National Sprint Car Win #93 at USA Raceway Night 2 of Western World  11-20-15

 Racing at USA Raceway in Tuscon was amazing all 3 nights.  We had a great end to the season with a win and significant milestone for Hoffman racing.
The track ended up with a very treacherous ledge , which led to an amazing show of skill by Brady and several other drivers.  Brady earned his 6th quick time of the year, running a lap of 15.275.  Transferring through his heat , Brady was set for a tricky 30 laps at this high speed track.  It seemed Brady and Bryan Clauson were together all weekend , in heat races and the A Main’s.  Two drivers who trust and like each other.  Brady got by Bryan for third running with great skill running the tricky, dangerous high side.  He made his way up to 2nd place by the time the checkered flew.  A great start!!!
Brady qualified 6th and transferred through his heat.  We were hoping for a front row start, but had to settle for starting 3rd with cars not transferring through their heats.  Rossi and Hines took off from the front row with Brady in hot pursuit.  Close racing saw Brady get by Tracy  with contact with our right front and Tracy’s left rear.  Rossi was passed on lap 17 by Brady for the lead.  The remaining laps saw a torrid battle with our friend Clauson.  Contact agin in sued when Bryan tried to get by on the low side.  Brady ran the top and won for the 7th time this year.  Giving HAR the 93rd USAC National Sprint Car win and the 100th USAC National win(93 sprint and 7 Silver Crown) .  What a proud and significant accomplishment   
We were the top point getter for the two preliminary nights.  So we had hot laps, the dash and the A Main.  Bray did a remarkable job moving up to 5th in the dash from 8th starting spot in only 6 laps.  Brady moved into 3rd in the A Main on lap 3 and an incredible 27 laps were to follow.  We had a good car but not enough to catch Bryan and Ballou.  The 3rd place finish complemented a 2nd and a win.  We fell 7 points from taking 3rd in National points, a great end to the season let us close to that slim a difference. 
A great way to finish the season with momentum leading into the 2016 season. HAR finished the year with more National wins than other in the storied history of the Team, 7.  We celebrated a very special birthday.  Levany Bacon celebrated her 1st birthday bringing back great memories of last year’s championship and her birth a few days later in Phoenix.  Great cake Xia Xia !!! 

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions
Three nights of racing at PAS began the last two weekends of the 2015 season. The weather was great and the racing was amazing. Different track conditions each night made the Budweiser Oval Nationals a challenge for the big field of 48 cars, 13 from the National Series.

Night 1 we qualified 2nd quick with a time of 16.8, 0.2 off the fast time. On a track difficult to pass on early in the evening, Brady made his way to 4th and transferred. Starting 5th in the A Main, we were only able to hold our own until the last lap start-finish line when Jon Stanbrough snuck by for 5th.

Points are accumulated the first two nights and the top 6 in points did not have to qualify or heat race on night three for $25,000 to win. We were in good shape after night . Qualifying 7th and finishing 3rd in the heat race, we got help when a car that out-qualified us didn’t transfer through their heat. So we started on the front row for the A Main. Fantastic racing ensued in the feature , we fell too third and Brady was able to pass Damion Gardner for 2nd on lap 25. We had nothing for Robert Ballou ,but finished 2nd , another great points night.

We came into night three, 2nd in Oval national points ,making The Super 6, so all we had to do was hot lap, run the dash and the feature. They inverted all 6 in the dash so we started 5th. The motor started to sound sour early in the dash and Brady held on for 5th. The crew did a fantastic job diagnosing the problem ( a cracked plastic cap)and making the fix in time for the big race. We tried a new set up to try and win the big money since our National points position is rather secure. We seemed to close on the leaders, then fall back and toward the end of the 40laps were catching the leaders again. The track had multiple lanes which made for great racing. We caught Ballou on the final lap but needed another lap to complete the pass and finished 6th. Not what we wanted.

Congratulations to PAS for putting on a great event, including a special driver introduction for the big race. Thanks to Big Mike for treating the racers with such great respect. On to Tuscon this weekend to wrap up 2015.

Look out Brady, your daughter has a eye on your seat.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing/Public Relations Hoffman Racing
10 Time USAC National Sprint Car Champions


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